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AmAZed! CSIRO’s A to Z of Biodiversity by Andrea Wild

Reviewed by Annemieke (age 8)

This is a non-fiction book. You learn all about Australian biodiversity, which means all the things that make up and protect the ecosystem like birds, plants, animals, bugs, and fungi. On every page you learn about something new and there are interesting and helpful pictures. I rate this book 5 stars and I recommend this book to adults and kids that want to learn about Australian biodiversity.

Some fun facts from the book
(1) Did you know that bluebottles are not a single animal but a colony of animals living together?
(2) Did you know that glow worms and anglerfish both use bioluminescence to attract prey in the dark? Bioluminescence is a chemical reaction in a living thing to make their own light.

Return of the Shark Bay bandicoots!

As part of the NSW Government’s Saving our Species conservation program some native mammals are being reintroduced in NSW. These tiny marsupials, otherwise known as the western barred bandicoot, became extinct in the wild over 100 years ago. But this year 13 were reintroduced in Sturt National Park (northwest NSW) and some have already given birth to young.

Bee Detectives

by Vanessa Ryan-Rendall and Brenna Quinlan

Reviewed by Evie (age 10).

Bee Detectives is an informative picture book. In the book two children look at bees and teach you heaps of things. In the kids’ backyard a beehive is wrecked and a new beehive is installed. They decide to become bee detectives.

The pictures are colourful and factual. While being entertained, I learned about bees and facts that I didn’t previously know.
This book is good for both children and adults as it can teach anyone new things about bees.

Amelia (age 6). When I was in Kindergarten I learned about bees. They are very interesting, so I found this book very interesting. I liked the book, but it was a bit hard for me. There are lots of hard scientific words. The illustrations were very good, and I liked how in the end the bees had a safe and happy home. whales can be seen feeding!

An A-Z of Australian Bush Creatures

by Myke Mollard
Reviewed by Scott (age 10)

The book shows all types of animals that would blow your mind … from the cuddly koala to the vicious Tasmanian tiger! It is an outstanding book.
My brother (age 7) loved the book — he never lost interest in it. I read it every night. It can also teach little kids (like my 4-year-old brothers) the alphabet.
It has amazing pictures — so much detail and hard work has been put into this book. You could look at the book for hours and hours! As soon as you open the cover, there is a beautiful map of Australia.

I think if you read the book you are bound to find a new favourite animal.
Australian Bush Creatures Activity Book can be found here:
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Did You Know?

Flowers most likely evolved bumpy surfaces to minimise light reflections and maximise colour intensity to attract pollinators such as bees.

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