A big step forward for conservation in western NSW 

The National Parks Association of NSW has congratulated the NSW Government on today’s announcement that it has acquired the former Thurloo Downs property to create a major new National Park in the state’s northwest.    

‘This is a fantastic day for conservation in NSW’ stated NPA President Dr Grahame Douglas.  ‘Not just because of the sheer size of the acquisition, which is more than 400,000 hectares, but because those hectares have been carefully selected to bring protection into bio-regions that are chronically under-represented in the current reserve system’  

‘This will become a wonderful new national park that substantially improves the representativeness of NSW’s Protected Areas, conserving several habitat types and landscapes that are very poorly protected at present.’  

‘As well as containing many arid zone threatened species, when combined with Narriearra-Caryapundy Swamp National Park the new park preserves most of the Bulloo Overflow, a massive area of ephemeral wetland that is one of the state’s most important biodiversity hotspots’.   

This announcement brings to fruition one of the most significant components of NPA’s long-standing plan for additional national parks in Western NSW, originally published in 1992.  ‘It has taken more than three decades, but we couldn’t be more delighted to see this new park come into being in 2023’ finished Dr Douglas.  


Media Contacts:  (02) 9299 0000

Dr Grahame Douglas, NPA President 

Gary Dunnett, NPA CEO 

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