Snowy 2.0 cutting corners, failing to comply with environmental approval conditions

The National Parks Association today released a report exposing Snowy Hydro’s lack of compliance with the environmental Conditions of Approval for the Snowy 2.0 project, located within Kosciuszko National Park.

‘Our investigations show that Snowy Hydro and its contractors are not complying with the ‘strict’ environmental Conditions of Approval imposed by the Federal and NSW Governments’ stated Gary Dunnett, CEO of NPA.

‘Environmental plans more than 2 years late, dozens of non-compliances, environmental performance breaches, failures to undertake corrective actions, and fines for pollution violations. Far from the world class project management we were assured would protect Kosciuszko National Park from damage, Snowy Hydro is failing environmental management basics.’

NPA is calling on NSW Minister for Planning Paul Scully to fix up the mess left by his predecessor, and ensure that Snowy Hydro meets its environmental obligations for this inappropriate industrial development in Kosciuszko National Park.

NPA is also calling on the Federal Environment Minister Plibersek and her colleagues to exercise their authority over the Commonwealth’s wholly owned Snowy Hydro Corporation to insist it respects its privileged position in Kosciuszko National Park.

‘There is no excuse for such blatant disregard for the damage being wrought on Kosciuszko’ concluded Mr Dunnett.


Media Contacts:
NPA CEO, Gary Dunnett , NPA Executive member, Ted Woodley 02 9299 0000

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