Koalas ‘under siege’ from policy changes set to destroy habitat, report finds | Environment | The Guardian

New South Wales government is failing to protect koalas by allowing further land clearing, logging and habitat destruction, National Parks Association says.


Source: Koalas ‘under siege’ from policy changes set to destroy habitat, report finds | Environment | The Guardian

Iconic Status Won’t Be Enough to Save Koalas Unless Baird Changes Tack

What does it mean to be an icon in NSW? Not much apparently. Unless the Baird government has a complete rethink of its environment policy the iconic koala faces a bleak future says the National Parks Association of NSW.

Koalas are one of just six of the 1000-odd threatened species put on an ‘iconic’ pedestal in the NSW government’s Saving our Species (SOS) programme. According to the government, “iconic species are important socially, culturally and economically, and the community expects them to be effectively managed and protected”1.

New Land Clearing Laws Have No Scientific Credibility: Renowned Professor Resigns

The dramatic eleventh-hour resignation by Professor Hugh Possingham[1], Australia’s most recognised scientist, has stripped away any pretence of scientific credibility and exposed Mike Baird’s land clearing legislation for what it is: a cash grab by big business and developers.

The primary objections of Professor Possingham are that the government is proposing self-assessable codes that will result in broad-scale land clearing, thus degrading soil, water and biodiversity, and that the ‘no net loss’ standard against which clearing should be measured has not made the draft legislation. 

Why Are National Parks Important

National Party emerges as a key threatening process to Mike Baird and koalas

The rampant clearing that is threatened is eerily reminiscent of that which occurred in Queensland under Campbell Newman’s disastrous reign—a mess that the incumbent Labor government still hasn’t been able to clean up.

Added to the increasing intensity of native forest logging and loss of habitat for urban development, the pending wave of land clearing will push koalas to the brink in NSW says the National Parks Association of NSW (NPA).