Royal National Park

Campaign Update: In a victory for community pressure, NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has announced there will be “no threat whatsoever” to the Royal National Park in current planning for the F6 motorway. This is great news, but can only be viewed as a reprieve for now.

About the campaign

Royal National Park is Australia’s oldest national park and with 4 million visitors a year, one of our most loved. Now this iconic national park is under threat. The NSW government was exploring extending the F6 motorway through Royal NPA.  A decision to proceed would have ultimately see 60 hectares of the Royal lost to bitumen. NPA welcomes the reprieve from the proposal, but calls on the Government to commit to permanently protecting the entire Royal National Park from development.

  • It sends a strong message that national parks are expendable and can be used to solve infrastructure challenges facing government.
  • It will further fragment our bushland and threaten many native plants and animals.
  • It continues to undermine Sydney as a liveable city due to loss of green space.