Crunch Time | Saving Tura’s Biodiversity

Jordan Mundey and Jacob Shields, Filmmakers

When a 33-year-old Zombie DA threatens to wipe out a crucial piece of native bushland in Tura Beach on the New South Wales south coast, a group of passionate locals’ band together to tackle the imminent devastation. Told through the eyes of local experts, Crunch Time rewrites the narrative regarding how much power communities have in combating coastal developments. 

Putting a Price on Nature

Anne Reeves and Rachel Fitzhardinge, NPA Park Management Committee


Classical economics does not deal with social or environmental issues. The intrinsic and complex world of nature, our life support system, is overlooked. Accordingly, national economic accounts do not identify negative impacts of economic activity on nature, the environment, nor recognise measures that would benefit the environment and human well-being.  

Emotions running high in proposed area for Great Koala National Park  

James Sherwood, NPA Conservation Campaigner

Concerns for high value habitat in the Great Koala National Park  

Four months since the new state government took office, we are no closer to the Great Koala National Park’s establishment. There is a lack of clarity around the process for the park’s creation, which has led to locals questioning whether the integrity of the proposed park’s values will remain intact.  

Marine campaign update Spring 2023

Danielle Ryan, NPA NSW Conservation Campaigner

A new policy era for marine — growing appetite for marine advocacy  

NPA NSW is keen to seize on the incumbent government’s objectives to deliver the 30×30 target and growing community aspirations for the creation of more marine sanctuaries. This campaign update details the rise of Ocean Legend and filmmaker Valerie Taylor’s String of Pearls campaign and the newly created Friends of Bongin Bongin, a collective of swimmer groups who formed earlier in the year to create a proposal for a marine sanctuary in Mona Vale, after witnessing a decline in fish in the area.  

Nature Kids Spring 2023

Life in a Hollow  

written by David Gullan & illustrated by Suzanne Houghton  

Reviewed by Iris (age 8) 

Have you ever wondered about how animals find their homes? If so, this is definitely the book for you! Life in a Hollow follows the story of a tree hollow and its residents. We learn how tree hollows are formed and how different animals make one tree hollow their home over time. The book has beautiful illustrations that give us a sense of the diversity of the Aussie bush. It also has a glossary so you can learn facts about the animals in the story. 

Milton Branch News – 2023 Legends Dinner

Wendy Buckingham

First published Mid North Coast Branch Newsletter No. 104, July 2023. Reprinted with permission.

One of the highlights of our year is the annual Legends dinner. This is where members gather to honour those who have made outstanding contributions to Milton NPA as activity leaders, committee members and organisers. It is also an opportunity to have a great meal and a good time!