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Nature Kids Spring 2023

Life in a Hollow  

written by David Gullan & illustrated by Suzanne Houghton  

Reviewed by Iris (age 8) 

Have you ever wondered about how animals find their homes? If so, this is definitely the book for you! Life in a Hollow follows the story of a tree hollow and its residents. We learn how tree hollows are formed and how different animals make one tree hollow their home over time. The book has beautiful illustrations that give us a sense of the diversity of the Aussie bush. It also has a glossary so you can learn facts about the animals in the story. 

Milton Branch News – 2023 Legends Dinner

Wendy Buckingham

First published Mid North Coast Branch Newsletter No. 104, July 2023. Reprinted with permission.

One of the highlights of our year is the annual Legends dinner. This is where members gather to honour those who have made outstanding contributions to Milton NPA as activity leaders, committee members and organisers. It is also an opportunity to have a great meal and a good time!

Book Review: Underground Lovers – Encounters with Fungi

by Alison Pouliot, NewSouth Publishing, University of NSW Press Ltd 2023 

Review by NSW NPA Environmental Book Club 

Pouliot is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable writer whose life work is studying fungi. Underground Lovers introduces us to this amazing world. Previously we may have been astonished by unexpected encounters with beautiful or weird fungi in the bush or our gardens. We’re probably aware that fungi do important work in complex ecosystems but may not know much more. She introduces us to the basic facts about the different types and their role in recycling and networking in the ‘subterrain’ of plant communities. She champions the study of this third ‘kingdom’ besides flora and fauna.  

Snowy 2.0 Doesn’t Stack Up

The National Parks Association NSW (NPA) launched a short film exposing the destruction that the Snowy 2.0 project is inflicting on the unique and fragile ecosystem of Kosciuszko National Park

“The film documents the massive environmental damage Snowy 2.0 has inflicted on Kosciuszko, as well as Snowy Hydro’s shameful failure to minimise the impact of their construction works on the national park” stated NPA CEO Gary Dunnett

Snowy 2.0 repeatedly fined for polluting Kosciuszko National Park

The Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) has issued a $15,000 fine to Snowy 2.0 contractor WeBuild S.P.A. for allowing 9000 litres of sediment-laden water to pollute the Yarrangobilly River in Kosciuszko National Park.

National Parks Association of NSW (NPA) CEO Gary Dunnett stated “The reckless polluting of Yarrangobilly River, along with a series of other environmental breaches, shows that Snowy 2.0 cannot be trusted to operate inside Kosciuszko National Park.

National Parks Association welcomes rethink on feral horse control in Kosciuszko National Park 

The National Parks Association of NSW (NPA) welcomes the NSW Environment Minister’s announcement of a review of feral horse control techniques for Kosciuszko National Park. 

“It’s long past time that the National Parks and Wildlife Service were permitted to use aerial culling, the most effective technique for removing large vertebrate pests from environmentally sensitive landscapes” stated NPA President Dr Grahame Douglas.