Nature NSW – Autumn 2017

Welcome to our sixtieth anniversary year!

Anne Reeves, 
President, National Parks Association of NSW

The world was a very different place when the NSW National Parks Association was established back in 1957.   However the need to conserve our natural heritage for the benefit and appreciation of present and future generations remains as relevant as ever.  As we move further into the Anthropocene Age – the era of human domination – and the pace of change quickens, the role our Association can play is more important and more urgent than ever.

From the start, building on the work of early naturalists and bushwalkers who foresaw the need to protect our remarkable natural heritage, the NPA has been a voice for the establishment, good management and appreciation of our public national park system.   As we celebrate and reflect on our sixty years of research, documentation and advocacy by our many able members and supporters, we can rightly be proud of the good outcomes achieved.    Places like Yarriabini National Park are one of the now more than 850 protected areas reserved under the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Act of 1967.

As we celebrate what has been achieved to date, our sixtieth anniversary is also a great opportunity to look to the future and to set priorities for the coming decades. At our forthcoming March State Council meeting we will be evaluating new approaches to native forest conservation as outlined in one of our articles as well as revitalisation of our former Reserves Committee. We also have some birthday special ways you can share in our celebrations including through the “Sixty Walks” program and “Photographic competition”, as well as a special jubilee raffle; with more events at local and state level to come as the year progresses.

As we seek to reconcile good conservation and communication without unreasonable cost across our organisation, we invite your advice on the options for future production of our Nature NSW.   The extensive Activities program has now been moved to electronic distribution after many months of discussion with readers.

Enjoy, participate, and join me as we rise to the tough challenges ahead. As befits a diamond jubilee occasion, a well resourced hard and cutting edge is needed so that NPA can continue as a vigorous voice for nature conservation in years ahead.

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