Crunch Time | Saving Tura’s Biodiversity

Jordan Mundey and Jacob Shields, Filmmakers

When a 33-year-old Zombie DA threatens to wipe out a crucial piece of native bushland in Tura Beach on the New South Wales south coast, a group of passionate locals’ band together to tackle the imminent devastation. Told through the eyes of local experts, Crunch Time rewrites the narrative regarding how much power communities have in combating coastal developments. 

National parks are for nature conservation not development

Polling released by the National Parks Australia Council shows the vast majority of Australians want national parks set aside for nature conservation not development.

The survey was conducted nationwide, with the protection of nature, saving threatened species, and quiet enjoyment of nature topping the list of importance for national parks and conservation areas to Australians.

Kosciuszko National Park must be protected

An open letter to the NSW Premier – 20 August 2021

Dear Premier Berejiklian,

We, the undersigned, are dismayed by the unprecedented plans your Government has announced for Kosciuszko National Park.  

More than seventy-five years ago your parliamentary forebears legislated to protect the mountain landscapes, alpine habitats and headwaters of the Murray, Murrumbidgee and Snowy rivers as Kosciuszko National Park.  It was a truly precious gift to future generations.  

Reckless plans for Kosciuszko National Park must be stopped

The National Parks Association of NSW and the Nature Conservation Council have launched a campaign to stop a massive intensification of commercial development within Kosciuszko National Park. 

The NSW Government is proposing to increase the cap on resort beds by more than 40% (up from 10,915 to 15,360), build new and expanded carparks, allow helicopter flights onto the ski fields, and open walking tracks to four-wheel drive vehicles.