Putting a Price on Nature

Anne Reeves and Rachel Fitzhardinge, NPA Park Management Committee


Classical economics does not deal with social or environmental issues. The intrinsic and complex world of nature, our life support system, is overlooked. Accordingly, national economic accounts do not identify negative impacts of economic activity on nature, the environment, nor recognise measures that would benefit the environment and human well-being.  

Nature, Gross National Wealth and the New Economics of Biodiversity

Dr Ross Jeffree, NPA Counsellor, Southern Sydney Branch

Gross National Product (GNP)! Its increases put a smile of re-elective optimism and triumphalism on the faces of Prime Ministers, State Premiers and Treasurers – although it regularly scales with increasing carbon emissions, environmental degradation and biodiversity losses. Economics always trumps ecology…and Australia gets the gold medal among nations for biodiversity loss in 2021. It’s hard to feel optimistic for the future, based on increasing GNP, when scientific consensus tells us the future is falling apart. Is there any way out of this impasse between seeming economic prosperity as defined by GNP and the demise of the Nature?