Complaints & feedback 

We welcome complaints about poor interactions with our officeholders, staff or volunteers. Equally, we welcome compliments about excellent interactions, or indeed, any other feedback or suggestions about how we operate. Please tell us if our activities, administration or processes failed to meet your expectations (or if they exceeded your expectations). This is very helpful for improving our effectiveness. 

Your feedback can be general or specific, and may relate to a particular member, activity leader, group, officeholder or employee. It will be handled in accordance with our Complaints and Compliments Policy. 

Complaints will be acknowledged, and you will receive a response explaining the outcome of the investigation and any proposed corrective action. Anonymous complaints may be accepted if you give us sufficient information to investigate it. All complaints will be treated with appropriate confidence. 

We will pass on compliments to whoever deserves the credit. 

View our Complaints and Compliments Policy  (Appendix D)

Send a complaint, compliment or feedback or call 02 9299 000 

For complaints about inappropriate or improper conduct, see Code of behaviour