Parsley Bay Reserve 

Parsley Bay is a precious piece of paradise on the eastern fringe of Sydney Harbour, a refuge for people, plants, animals, and marine life. Described by the Lonely Planet Guide as a ‘hidden gem’, Parsley Bay Reserve is a magical and much-loved oasis within a densely populated city, replete with bushland, seagrass meadows, water dragons, fish, eels, caves and even waterfalls. Somewhat of a living window to the shores of Sydney Harbour as it had been for centuries, the lush green canopies and clear waters, invite exploration along bush pathways and the protected beach, captivating visitors with every step and splash.  Sydney Water are planning to install a raw sewerage pumping station in the heart of Parsley Bay Reserve. This has raised major concerns within the local community, experts and advocates.  

  • Inadequate review of environmental factors 
    Environmental assessment occurred more than three years ago, during the 2019 bushfire crisis. Site surveys failed to identify resident vulnerable Powerful Owls, endangered White’s Seahorses, and many other precious birdlife and fauna species, absent from the area due to extreme heat and smoke. 
  • Potentially a critically endangered habitat 

All the evidence leads independent thinkers to believe this may be Littoral Rainforest, a Critically Endangered Ecological Community. What does it matter and why don’t Sydney Water want to acknowledge it? Damaging a Critically Endangered Ecological Community can result in a penalty of over $1.6M. 

  • Other options are available 
    Sydney Water identified 9 other options. There are already 5 raw sewerage pumping stations within 1 km of the Reserve. Why build another. Why build it in the middle of a Reserve. 

Opposition to the proposal is growing. It is only now, with the freedom available after lockdowns, the concerns of what had been a small group of local residents are gaining support from people all walks of life, from all over Sydney. Political support is also growing, with the most recent and passionate support provided by Sue Higginson, Greens NSW MP. We are not asking for much. The damage caused by this proposal will live with us for decades to come. This can be prevented by: 

  1. Move this raw sewerage pumping station to an alternative site  
  1. Re-engage with the community to understand their concerns 
  1. Review the environmental assessment 
  1. Consider other options 
  1. Showcasing and protect the ecological values of this special place, protecting the Reserve for now and for always 

 Parsley Bay Reserve embraces the community, fostering bonds through bush care, clean-up events and shared pride. A place so precious, it is the new home for White’s Seahorses in the seahorse hotel. 

As the sun sets, the forest thrives, bridging the gap between urban life and nature. A place that offers solace and enchantment to city souls. Experience the magic Parsley Bay Reserve, let its nature embrace and revive your spirit, and you will feel like we do. Parsley Bay needs protection. Follow us on Instagram #saveparsleybay for updates, ways you can help, community events and more.