Environmental Performance Report Card

The Environmental Liaison Office (ELO) provides a link to NSW Parliament for hundreds of community groups across NSW. It aims to ensure that the shared concerns and priorities of environment groups are communicated consistently to Government, and provides a mechanism for the views of Government to be communicated to and considered by NSW environment groups. NPA is a core funder of the ELO along with a number of other organisations that participate in regular ELO meetings and joint projects. In the lead up to the 2015 NSW State election, the ELO released Our Environment, Our Future – Policies for the 2015 NSW Election and Beyond. The policy document set out 25 key policy asks across eight broad environment themes.  Our Environment, Our Future called for all political parties and candidates to adopt the 25 policies and chart a new course by adopting a bold, positive vision for environmental protection and nature conservation in NSW.

The performance of the Coalition Government in its first two years of Government has recently been assessed against these 25 key policy asks.  The report was released in late March and received widespread media coverage.

Download the report card

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