Message from the CEO

Kevin Evans, Chief Executive Officer, National Parks Association of NSW

This will be my final edition of Nature NSW as I have decided to step down after 7 years as CEO. My partner and I recently purchased a rural property at Gleniffer in the idyllic Bellinger Valley and we are looking forward to spending more time there to restore the conservation values of our land and work with the progressive community there.

It has been a great experience leading an organisation with an amazing track record of success. I have enjoyed working with so many passionate conservationists all striving to secure a better deal for our natural world. Highlights for me have been the expansion of the Citizen Science program and building our supporter base to well over 20,000 people. The success of the No Hunting in National Parks Campaign, and NPAs leadership of the Great Eastern Ranges initiative are just a few of the achievements that have been special for me.

The process for finding a new CEO has begun. I am providing an extended notice period to allow for a smooth transition to a new CEO.

But before I leave I am proud tell you about our 60th Anniversary Appeal. Our target is to raise $100,000 by December. If you have not already donated can you help us reach that target?

Help us protect nature for another 60 years

This year NPA celebrates 60 years of standing up for nature. What better time is there to pause and reflect on our many successful campaigns and the people who made them happen? The pride we feel from our shared success will surely embolden us all for the fights that lie ahead. Only together can we ensure that more of our unique natural areas and Australia’s extraordinary wildlife have a secure future.

For over 6 decades NPA has been at the forefront of conservation in NSW, from the passing of the 1967 National Parks & Wildlife Act through to the cessation of rainforest logging, and overall expansion of the national park estate.   Our decades long campaign to protect the river red gum forests, was finally achieved in 2010 with these globally significant forests now protected for ever in the Murray Valley National Parks. More recently NPA has been a vital voice in fending off the government’s attempt to allow recreational hunting in national parks. While only last year we expanded our already extensive bushwalking program, and pioneered important citizen science activities that connect more people with nature.

Our current state-wide priority campaigns include ending native forest logging in over 2 million hectares of public land. Our Great Southern Forest (GSF) campaign seeks to protect all of the 430,000 hectares of public native forests of the Southern and Eden Regional Forest Agreement (RFA) regions into appropriate reserves. Further north our Great Koala National Parks Campaign aims to protect important coastal koala habitat within a new 315,000 hectare reserve. We have also identified 50 potential terrestrial and marine reserve targets across NSW that will guide our advocacy over the next few years.

Your tax-deductible donation will support all of this effort and more. We are a membership based advocacy organisation, but running a modern charity is complex, unpredictable and expensive. The results though are worth every penny.

Our 60th Anniversary Appeal will support the work of the NPA network, our campaigners and volunteers. Promotional materials, park proposals, forums, and a strong social media presence are all essential ingredients for success. It will allow us to plan and focus on the high conservation value areas that most need our help.

Please give generously to our 60th Anniversary Appeal and help us reach our target of $100,000. This will place us in a good position for another 60 years of success. We couldn’t have done it in the past without you. We won’t be able to do it in the future without you.

We know there is still so much more work to do, but with your support we are certainly up for that challenge.

Remember our target: $100,000 by December. Together we can do it!

Support Our 60th Appeal

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