Out of control Forestry Corporation caught destroying more Koala habitat

The NSW Forestry Corporation has yet again been prosecuted for destroying public native forests.  The latest prosecution is for illegal activity in the heart of one of the world’s great forests, the proposed Great Koala National Park.

“Any confidence in Forestry Corporation’s planning and governance lies in tatters after yet another breach,” said National Parks Association CEO Gary Dunnett.

“It is unbelievable that a government-owned organisation, one that reports directly to the Minister for Agriculture, would show such contempt for our public native forests.

“If this was a private company shareholders would be demanding that the board stand down.  As a public corporation the NSW Treasurer and Finance Minister are the shareholders.  NPA calls on the Treasurer and Finance Minister to sack the Board and refer Forestry Corporation’s repeated breaches to the NSW Ombudsman for investigation as serious mal-administration”.

“These breaches put a spotlight on just how unsustainable and environmentally destructive damaging logging in public native forests has become” stated NPA Conservation Officer Danielle Ryan.  The NSW Government must act now to protect the north coast koalas and establish the Great Koala National Park near Coffs Harbour immediately”, said NPA President Dr Grahame Douglas.

“The public is familiar with images of the clear-felling of Orangutan habitat in Borneo. Similar devastation of threatened species habitat is happening right here on our doorstep with our iconic koalas. It is time to get out of public native forestry and stop needlessly wasting prime wildlife habitat”.

Forestry Corporation has been prosecuted by the EPA for allegedly failing to retain habitat for wildlife by clearing giant and hollow-bearing trees in 2020.

Media Contacts (via NPA Office (02) 9299 0000):

Danielle Ryan, NPA Conservation Officer 

Dr Grahame Douglas, NPA President

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