NPA NSW says Forestry Corporation’s decision to log old growth, rainforest, and koala feed trees in Great Koala National Park logging cope is appalling

Gary Dunnett, CEO of National Parks Association of NSW stated ‘With an impending election, one where the alternate government has signaled strong support for the Great Koala National Park (GKNP), it is entirely inappropriate that native forests proposed for permanent protection be logged’.

‘Compartments 10 and 11 of the Great Koala National Park, identified koala habitat, are due to be logged this month.

‘The only solution to this problem is an immediate moratorium on all logging operations in public forests within the GKNP.

‘While the GKNP proposal excludes genuine plantations, we have zero confidence that Forestry Corporation are applying a reasonable approach to their identification of plantations.’ Mr Dunnett concluded.

In a recent media release, Griffith University Research Fellow Dr Tim Cadman stated the two hundred-plus hectares that Forestry Corporation intends to clear, at least ten hectares is original forest, including old growth, rainforest, and Koala feed trees.


Media Contacts:

Gary Dunnett, CEO, NPA NSW : 02 9299 0000

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