NPA welcomes Labor’s announcement to create a Georges River Koala National Park  

National Parks Association of NSW welcomed NSW Labor’s recent announcement of plans to fast-track the creation of a Georges River Koala National Park in southwest Sydney.  

Dr Grahame Douglas, President NPA NSW  said ‘Protecting key populations of koalas and their habitat is essential if we want to save the koala from extinction in NSW.  While the NSW Government’s Cumberland Plain Conservation Plan talks about protecting koala habitats along the upper Georges River over the coming decades, the stark reality is that our koalas can’t wait that long.   

‘The expansion of suburbs across Western Sydney is pushing this critically important population of koalas to the brink.  Koala’s can’t wait for protection while their best habitat is being transformed into roofs, asphalt, and concrete.  

‘There is really is no excuse for delay in creating the new national park and much of the best koala habitat is already in public ownership.  It is just not good enough to kick the problem down the road a decade or two, NPA calls on all parties to bring forward policies that offer genuine protection to threatened species and their habitats now’ Dr Douglas concluded.  


Media Contacts: 

Dr Grahame Douglas, President NPA NSW . Gary Dunnett, CEO NPA  (02)9299 0000

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