Additional national parks staff welcomed

National Parks Association of NSW President Dr Grahame Douglas today welcomed NSW Labor’s commitment to employ an additional 100 field officers in the National Parks and Wildlife Service.

‘While recent national and state plans to expand Protected Areas in line with 30 by 30 goals are important, it is equally critical that NSW’s existing parks are properly resourced and managed. That’s why we are so pleased at this commitment to significantly increase operational staffing levels’ Dr Douglas explained.

“Additional staff will help ensure that NSW national parks function as the world class biodiversity havens, ecosystem service providers and carbon capture powerhouses that we so desperately need,” continued Dr Douglas.

‘Our national parks need to be well managed, especially in relation to labour intensive responsibilities such as fire, pest, and weed management. The conservation values that make these places so special need a well- resourced NPWS to keep them secure.

‘NPA NSW applauds all the national parks staff who work on the frontline, protecting our treasured public lands for future generations.’


Media Contacts:

Dr Grahame Douglas President NPA NSW

(02)9299 0000

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