National Parks Association welcomes rethink on feral horse control in Kosciuszko National Park 

Feral Horse damage to waterway. photo: Reclaim Kosci

The National Parks Association of NSW (NPA) welcomes the NSW Environment Minister’s announcement of a review of feral horse control techniques for Kosciuszko National Park. 

“It’s long past time that the National Parks and Wildlife Service were permitted to use aerial culling, the most effective technique for removing large vertebrate pests from environmentally sensitive landscapes” stated NPA President Dr Grahame Douglas.   

“Aerial culling is the most practical way of controlling vertebrate pests in rugged and remote areas such as Kosciuszko National Park.  It is the method of choice throughout Australia, a safe, humane and cost-efficient way of locating and controlling feral species such as wild cattle, pigs, goats and horses.” 

“The explosion of feral horses across the Australian Alps, notably in Kosciuszko National Park, is a direct result of the limited success that is possible with control techniques such as mustering or ground based shooting.  It is time to adopt the best possible option and start the long overdue restoration of alpine habitats decimated by feral horses”. 

“NPA commends the Minister on the proposed changes to the Kosciuszko feral horse plan and urges everyone who cares about our precious alpine environment to make a submission during the public exhibition”.  


Media contacts Gary Dunnett, NPA CEO, Dr Grahame Douglas, NPA President, 029299 0000 

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