Snowy 2.0 repeatedly fined for polluting Kosciuszko National Park

The Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) has issued a $15,000 fine to Snowy 2.0 contractor WeBuild S.P.A. for allowing 9000 litres of sediment-laden water to pollute the Yarrangobilly River in Kosciuszko National Park.

National Parks Association of NSW (NPA) CEO Gary Dunnett stated “The reckless polluting of Yarrangobilly River, along with a series of other environmental breaches, shows that Snowy 2.0 cannot be trusted to operate inside Kosciuszko National Park.

“This is not an isolated incident. In the last year alone Snowy 2.0 has been called out for five separate environmental breaches by the EPA and issued with two warnings by the Department of Planning and Environment.

“The last Independent Environmental Audit was scathing of Snowy 2.0’s environmental performance and the failure to comply with many of the conditions of approval for the project, as NPA reported Snowy 2.0 cutting corners, failing to comply with environmental approval conditions.

“Continued pollution from heavy machinery, sediment and spoil run-off, erosion and insufficient environmental safeguards are causing serious environmental damage to Kosciuszko.  

“This precious alpine environment is home to many endangered species, that are coming under an ever-increased threat from the irresponsible operations of Snowy 2.0 “ Mr Dunnett concluded.

NPA is calling for Environment Minister Penny Sharpe to ramp up surveillance of construction works to ensure that future breaches are detected before irreversible damage is inflicted on Kosciuszko National Park by Snowy Hydro and its contractors.


Media Contacts
NPA CEO, Gary Dunnett & NPA Executive Member, Ted Woodley: 02 9299 0000

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