Snowy 2.0 Doesn’t Stack Up

The National Parks Association NSW (NPA) launched a short film exposing the destruction that the Snowy 2.0 project is inflicting on the unique and fragile ecosystem of Kosciuszko National Park

“The film documents the massive environmental damage Snowy 2.0 has inflicted on Kosciuszko, as well as Snowy Hydro’s shameful failure to minimise the impact of their construction works on the national park” stated NPA CEO Gary Dunnett

“It highlights the former NSW Government’s disastrous decision to allow an overhead transmission connection to the new power station, rather than the less damaging underground option required under the statutory Kosciuszko National Park Plan of Management. The decision to favour Snowy Hydro’s balance sheet over the integrity of Kosciuszko will result in extensive clearing of wildlife habitats and loss of connectivity across thousands of hectares of national park,” said Mr Dunnett.

NPA launched an application for judicial review of the overhead transmission decision, which is currently being heard in the NSW Land and Environment Court.

NPA CEO Gary Dunnett says this is the first time that overhead powerlines have been approved in a national park in 50 years. “We do not want to see this disaster acting as a precedent across NSW. We must do better at protecting our most precious natural landscapes” said Mr Dunnett.

“Kosciuszko National Park is culturally significant to indigenous people and loved by all Australians. It is also a haven for threatened species.”


Media Contacts
NPA CEO, Gary Dunnett: 02 9299 0000

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