Guide to the Robertson Rainforest

Robertson Rainforest Book Launch

Robertson Rainforest is listed as a Threatened Ecological Community under the Biodiversity Conservation Act and as Critically Endangered under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act

Robertson Rainforest historically covered much of the basalt plateau surrounding the town of Robertson. Today less than about 20% of this unique rainforest type remains, with most remnants highly fragmented and disconnected making long-term survival of this rare vegetation community and the animals that rely on them a high priority for protection and connectivity efforts by landowners, environmental groups and the local community.

Members of the Robertson Environment Protection Society (REPS) produced the first edition of the Robertson Rainforest book thirty years ago and it is hoped this revised 2nd Edition of the book, which contains over 80 species with colour photos and maps and botanical illustrations, will educate landowners, plant lovers and visitors about the importance of protecting and connecting the few patches that remain.

On 15 May 2021, over 112 people including Steven Jones MP attended the launch of the 2nd Revised Edition at the Anglican Church Hall in Robertson.  The event created significant interest in the Thin Green Line, an NPA NSW project that helps land holders and community to improve the condition of native vegetation in strategic corridors in the Southern Highlands.  The project is funded through the NSW Environmental Trust Bush Connect Program.

The publication of the 2nd edition was supported by funds from the Thin Green Line project, the Australian Government Communities Environment Program, Wingecarribee Shire Council and thousands of hours of voluntary effort from members of the Robertson Environment Protection Society. The results are a stunningly beautiful book packed with loads of information about a very rare rainforest community. Visitors to Robertson can take a walk through Robertson Nature Reserve, the only area of Robertson Rainforest protected in the national parks estate.

Copies of the 2nd revised edition of the Robertson Rainforest book are only available from the Book Nook 2577 (Shop 3, 91 Hoddle Street, Robertson 2577). Ph: 0412 627 706

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