Join NPA’S Longest Running Project

It began with a suggestion from park ranger Mike Dodkin (still involved 40 years later) that the newly formed Mid North Coast branch of NPA undertake some on-ground conservation work in Crowdy Bay National Park.

Before its park status the area was sand mined. On completion of mining operations along many parts of the coastline a South African plant, bitou bush was sown. Thriving on our dune systems it became highly invasive and spread into other habitats including endangered littoral rainforest.

Since its simple beginnings of 1-2 days per year of volunteer working bees held on the park’s icon – Diamond Head – the project has seen many government grants with aerial spraying of foredunes, on-ground work by contractors and thousands of hours of work by volunteers and NPWS. Forty years later the project is nationally recognised as Australia’s longest running bitou eradication project. It must also be one of its longest bush regeneration projects.

The achievements will be celebrated in Laurieton on the 18th May as part of the now annual bush regeneration camp (13th-19th May) held at the gorgeous spot of Kylies Beach 15 minutes south of Laurieton and 10 minutes north of Coralville.

Volunteer coordinator Sue Baker said, ‘as we have just completed a three-year grant program from the NSW Environmental Trust the need for volunteers to carry out follow up is greater than ever.’ NPWS supplies a trailer fully equipped with eating and cooking utensils and facilities. NPA provides a bbq on Saturday night.

So why not come along members and contribute to the project’s fantastic achievements, join in the celebration and enjoy the company of your fellow members and long term volunteers. Contact Sue on 02 6559 7134 or use the contact form below for further information.

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