NPA Volunteer Awards 2019

The NPA Volunteer Awards were established in 2004 to honour Prudence Tucker, a longstanding and dedicated member of NPA. The Awards recognise consistent, persistent, innovative and significant effort by members in support of NPA’s aims, projects and member activities. Nominations are now being accepted in the following categories.

  • Branch Awards: for wide-ranging contribution to a Branch over a substantial period of time.
  • Bushwalking Leadership Awards: for contribution of leadership and coordination to the NPA Activities program over a substantial period of time.
  • Organisational Support Awards: for contribution of time and effort in support of NPA’s organisational structure over a substantial period of time.
  • State Conservation Awards: for contribution to substantial State-wide conservation outcomes that have benefited both NPA and the wider community.
  • Excellence in Conservation Occasional Award: for outstanding and extended service in conservation and to NPA over a number of years.
  • Allen and Beryl Strom Volunteer Occasional Award: for outstanding conservation efforts and outcomes that have benefited both NPA and the wider community.

General criteria for awards

Nominations are open to NPA members and supporters who meet the following criteria:

  • undertakes volunteer work for NPA over an extended period
  • supports the objectives of the organisation
  • achieves results through exceptional effort or innovative means
  • shows determination, perseverance and initiative
  • provides a role model to others.

How to make a nomination

Please consider nominating someone you know who contributes their time to NPA. Nominations may only be made by members, branch committees or staff. To make a nomination, complete the online form below. Nominations close 4pm on Monday 30 September 2019.

Award process

Branch Awards are made by the relevant Branch Committee. All other awards are made by the Awards Selection Panel.

All recipients will receive an award certificate, together with any additional prizes or gift vouchers that may be available.

Recipients and all those who made a nomination will be notified by the NPA Secretary or Operations Manager.

The Allen and Beryl Strom Occasional Award is presented only infrequently, and is reserved for persons who have made an exceptional contribution of the highest order. Nominations must be supported by additional information and research. This should carefully describe and document the nominee’s significant achievements and outcomes. The research will form the basis of the award presentation. The selection panel will contact relevant conservation bodies and individuals to confirm and gather further evidence as to the nominee’s actions, achievements and character.

Presentation of awards

Branch awards will generally be presented at a local branch function. All other awards will generally be presented at the NPA Annual Dinner, to be held on Saturday 9 November 2019, at Mortdale RSL Club, 25 Macquarie Place, Mortdale. Bookings are available here or tel: 02 9299 0000.

Consultation will be undertaken with the recipient and relevant Branch Committee to determine if the award will be presented at the NPA Annual Dinner, or a local function. Travel and accommodation expenses incurred in connection with accepting an award is the responsibility of the recipient.


For further information, please contact Ian Donovan tel: 0490 667 400.

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